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A bit of Scotland


Dunvegan IMG_9958 IMG_9958-2

Edited a couple of pictures from Scotland, as i was inspired by another person who posted some amazing photographs. Really tried to focus on details within existing images. The first one of the Dunvegan Castle is the total image, the other 2 are cut-outs from different images. Fun to look at photos in this way, as you create entirely different scenery πŸ™‚


Sunset in the Periphery


Creative Commons License
Couldn’t choose which photo was the nicest, so i decided to post all the good ones from last thursday. It was a nice sunset to behold and i tried a variety of positions. Have a nice weekend all!

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Creative Commons

Have thought about it for some time now, but i think it’s good to just do this πŸ™‚ I can have a vague dream of being a world famous photographer, or i can follow my heart and do what i think is right.
So from now on i’ll be using creative commons for my writings and photographs. If you like a picture and you want to use it elsewhere, you can! Just don’t use it in a commercial way – see the creative commons website for more info.

And if you’d like a HQ picture of the ones i’ve posted, just let me know in a comment. I’m sure we can work something out..

Creative Commons License
PNCO: a creative exploration is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

A flying Kolibri, a butterfly and 3 Giraffe calfs

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Last year i visited Emmen Zoo in the north-eastern part of the Netherlands. In one of the enclosers they have Kolibri’s. Someone i managed to capture one sitting on a branch. And later on i filmed the bird for 1 sec – see Youtube vid. In the same place they have beautiful butterflies, of which i have one photograph today. Frankly i don’t know which species this is, tell me if you do know so i can change it!

And the final picture.. the 3 young Giraffes were fun to watch. They’re in a pretty ackward position πŸ™‚

The (short) video (i love the sound of the kolibri flying over my head!)

Kolibri zoom

Alice Springs Desert Park

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When i was in Australia i also visited the Alice Springs Desert Park, a nice park situated close to Alice Springs. Here i had the opportunity to come close to some very nice birds and native animal widlife. I spend the day wandering around and in one of the glassed enclosements there was this little bird, called a Chiming Wedgebill. The sound really took me away. I think i spend at least 25-30 min in there just taking in the sound. It was sooo loud! It went right through me lol

Some other nice things i saw there include one of my favorite birds, the Kingfisher, Thorned Devil (reptile) and a beautiful green Mantis. Later on in a museum back in the town i found out about this incredible animal called the Bilby. This one was stuffed.. Below are some pictures

All together, a nice place even though i’d rather see the animals in the wild.. but who doesn’t?

Green Mantis (1)
What are you looking at
Thorned Devil
Kingfisher (2)

(stuffed) Bilby

Canvas on the wall

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At one point i was thinking: what to do with the photographs from New Zealand? And i sorta randomly selected 5 pictures and ordered them on 40×30 cm canvas. The result is amazing.

Wall Canvas

Found out that the word Huna on the center photo is part of an ongoing debate. For more info see https://www.facebook.com/AboutHuna