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Colours of nature



Lebuinis art

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Made an arty version of the organ at the Lebuinis church in Deventer, the Netherlands

The Rainbow Gate

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 Please continue reading to see a larger version of the final version!

And then to think that i started with the photo underneath at the beginning.. i really love to play with photo’s in this way. For me , i work through intuition, using Photoshop and seeing the possibilities of a given photo. To describe the process a bit, i thought that adding a little contrast to the photo would make the double rainbow more visible. But it turned out quite hard to get something good out of this picture. So when i tried a few things, the rainbows got more colorful (and more like a painting). That’s when i saw the possibility of using the photo as a template which i then copied using MS paint (love that program lol). Halfway through 🙂 After that, i copied the half, mirrored it and gave it a little bit extra (saturation, brightness, clarity and the likes). This all can be seen in the final result!


The original photo

Rainbow play WP

Halfway through, having used Photoshop and MS Paint

Rainbow play full FB klein

The final result

Painting the Sky

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Crane Painting 4
A Full Moon Party

Using Photoshop Elements i made the photograph into a drawing.. ever since i saw the painting in my parents house, i know i one day want to make a painting of cranes too. They’ve got a beautiful painting with two cranes and an full moon.. i tried to recreate that.. see whether you like the result (1 without full moon & 2 with full moon)