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The last Lion King



They once called me the king of the world
The whole animal kingdom was mine to rule
I was respected and all who were wise feared me

Once I was a king living the wild life
Now all that remains are distant memories
The waters of my dreams all but dried up

Today I’m still a king
But what respect does a king get
If he’s locked behind bars?

Sleepy Lion

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A king needs to rest from time to time too


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thijs-zoom-klein thijs-zoom-kleur-klein

Thijs wanted to say hi to all of you bloggers

Thijs is the son of a friend of mine and this portrait was made while we were visiting the zoo. He’s a keen and curious fellow, lovely to have had him and the other small ones with us on that day!

Beauty and Sadness


Here are a few images of animals i photographed at 2 different zoo’s. The Wolf and the Monkey are photographed at Artis Zoo, the Snow Owl and the Deer are shot at Anholter Schweiz. The beauty and tragedy of zoo’s.. its a marvel to be able to see so many beautiful animals on one day and its sad to see the conditions they’re in. Guess that’s why i choose black & white for this serie.. And there is a documentary on Dutch television i’m going to watch, which deals with this subject (it’s called ‘the end of the zoo’).. in the end we should question whether educational (or is it economical) value comes before animal freedom? Lots to be said about, but i think i can end with an anecdote: when i was young(er) i wanted to become director of a zoo.. that is, until i realized the conditions the animals live in. And now no longer living that dream πŸ˜‰

Grey Heron

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Yesterday went to Artis zoo with a few friends from back in University days.. was great fun and took a lot of pictures. So i’ll select a few of them and post them here at the blog. First stop, a Grey Heron. Tried to give it a bit of a Japanese style

Dare to be different


Giraffes klein 2 Giraffes klein 3 Giraffes klein

Came across a photograph of 3 youngster Giraffes from a few years ago. Played a bit with it and came up with 3 versions. I was wondering which one you guys like the best πŸ™‚ All 3 of them have something to them in my opinion, but i always appreciate to hear your opinion. Thanks!

Ay Ay Skipper!

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Ay Ay Skipper

This penguin photographed in Burger’s zoo reminds me of the penguin in the movie Madagascar. Hence the title Ay Ay Skipper. Truly the stars of the movie. I haven’t seen their own new movie, but i might check it out. The penguin is such a marvelous animal. Fast under water, clumpsy on the land.