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The Pier of Zadar



A panorama taken at the pier of Zadar

The Bell Tower



[..], as one of the best expert on Medieval architecture of Dalmatia, T.G. Jackson was hired to complete the construction of the bell tower of the Romanesque cathedral of St Anastasia in Zadar. The bell tower was finished in December 1893, and it is his only architectural work in Croatia. Otherwise, ground floor and first floor of the bell tower were built in 1452 (during Archbishop Vallaresso), while the upper floors were built from 1890 to 1894 by English architect and art historian Sir Thomas Graham Jackson, based on the model of the bell tower of the cathedral in Rab.[..]


Fishing as the clouds drift by



A fisherman at Zadar pier in Croatia during last years holiday. Added a bit of drama to the sky and sea to really make the fisherman stand out

Church in Zadar



A church at a little forum in the old part of the city of Zadar. What a stunning city! Full of great architecture and very well maintained.
If you’re close one day, please do visit this magnificent city, really worthwhile to spend a few hours there 🙂

Evening Lights


Zadar zoom

This is a picture from the pier of Zadar, taken in the blue hour just after sunset. In the right corner you can see lovely tall white buildings which form the edge of the old city centre. The boulevard is a beautiful and broad walkway where you can stroll nice and easy, with an occassional bar or restaurant next to it. If you walk to the left from here, you will get to the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation, 2 great inventions created and designed by a local inventor.

The town of Petrcane

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2015-10-20 10_45_04-Greenshot

A HDR edit of a sunset at the little town where we stayed for 3 days. Close to the city of Zadar, Petrcane is a lovely little town with beautiful narrow streets, lovely green gardens and nice houses. This was the view of the balcony of our temporary home at sunset!

Zadar Reflection


The Town square mirror

I just love them mirrors 🙂 This is a mirrored image of the Forum of Zadar, a beautiful old Roman city close to Split in Croatia. You can see the St Donatus church behind the orange building. Some interesting lines to discover here!

Solar Disco

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Disco lights klein

Solar Disco at Zadar in Croatia

From Lonely Planet website:
Another wacky and wonderful creation by Nikola Bašić, this 22m-wide circle set into the pavement is filled with 300 multilayered glass plates that collect the sun’s energy during the day. Together with the wave energy that makes the Sea Organ ’s sound, it produces a trippy light show from sunset to sunrise that’s meant to simulate the solar system. It also collects enough energy to power the entire harbour-front lighting system.