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Bicycle Ride


From the good old Sony Xperia


18: Flower of Compassion


Flower of Compassion

Oh flower of the heart
Shine your light over us
Open up and show your beauty
The guiding force

You know what it is like
To be vulnerable
Naked and alone
You know there is no need
To be afraid of our tears

You grow so easily
As you are inherent within us
On the good soil of pure intent
Our wish for all to be happy
Stems from your seeds

Oh flower of compassion
Love is your guiding light
Teach us to be human
Help us to accept
The basic uncertainty of life


This poem was inspired by the documentary Crazy Wisdom (2011) about the late Tibetan Buddhist Master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Rinpoche taught people how to become warriors of Shambhala, how to become genuine human beings. A beautiful and encouraging message worth contemplating.

Coloring the street

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When we were walking in Chatel-Guyon, we came across this place full of Papaver flowers. Beautiful to see its nice red colors and it really gave the street a nice feel. And with the Xperia smartphone in the pocket, this was the result 🙂

Getting close with Lizzie


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In France we had one day of good weather and on this day a lot of lizards came out in the sunshine. Because it wasn’t warm the days before, they weren’t very quick. This gave me an excellent opportunity to get close with the mobile phone. This is one of the pictures i took with the camera that day