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Where to put my jacket?

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Mystical atmosphere

World Animal Day




Some shots from the celebration of World Animal Day at the children’s farm from last Sunday. Really lovely to walk around and seeing all the children and parents enjoy all the animals and the activities which were organized.look-a-likes-kleinfabienneΒ  hold-onΒ  petting run-to-the-chickenposing rainΒ  statues stroke-me the-boots


Pathway to Plitvice



Plitvice is an amazing natural park in Croatia. Full of spectacular waterfalls and pristine water, it is a delight to walk through even if you have to share it with many thousand others πŸ™‚
The park contains lots of well maintained pathways such as the boardwalk you can see here. The light shines through the trees and penetrates the water to reveal the colors hidden up until then. What a marvel to behold πŸ™‚

There it was

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Walking in the forest at the end of the day
Worries of work and life have to give way
For what can withstand the stillness?
If only there is a tiny bit of willingness
To listen and to see without the senses

The trunk

Only being there as the dance advances
Heart to heart with the flowers and trees
Both enjoying the chilling warm breeze
With the sunlight touching the landscape
Highlighting beauty of various size and shape




Up close

Pooh klein

As Bailey Boat Cat would say: happy caturday πŸ™‚
Portrait from Pooh lying on the ground. Saturated the eye a bit and desaturated the rest of the image. Looking into a cat’s face is always intruiging..

Southern Snow


IMG_4244 IMG_4249 IMG_4250

Found some oldies from back in New Zealand in 2008. That year i left in the winter here in Holland, got in New Zealand at the end of summer and experienced a bit of winter at the end of my internship – these pictures were made back then – and i came back in Holland in the autumn. So in 2008 i lived through 3 winters. Most people would try and get 3 summers. Because i didnt think about it, i had 3 winters in one year. Oh well.. i come from a town which names literally translated into Winter’s District

Really love the way the snow and the wood interact, whether it’s alive or dead! Hopefully some snow here this winter πŸ™‚