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The Hague


First two images of The Hague city, in the west of the Netherlands. The first image shows a lot of ministries and the royal library. The right shows the business center with a love of tall buildings and a special construction made for the trams which pass through the streets. Very interesting to be in a city more now and to be able to explore the cityscape. There will be more images to follow, but as always i start with my personal favorites 😀


In Winters Grip



We had quite a lot of snowfall yesterday, so i decided to go out for a stroll to take a few pictures. It’s nice when the image you have in your mind comes alive.

This is a panorama of 2 stitched photos

Red sun at the farm II

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Farm at Sunset2_klein
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The red sunset of last wednesday was great! I took a lot of pictures and i already posted one. But i cant resist sharing one more picture! This time you can see a little bit more of the farm and i left the format the way it was. Gives a bit more wide view of this amazing spectacle. Hope you can forgive me for posting another picture so soon after the other 😉