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Inside the Pyramid

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With a little imagination…

The Falkirk Bath


I’ve been quite busy lately, so not much time to blog. But today found some time to have a little bit of fun with a few images. And learned a cool new trick too 🙂

Falkirk Wheel in Black & White

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Falkirk ZW

note 1: posted this one before – https://pnco.wordpress.com/2014/02/09/falkirk-wheel-from-above/ – and as i saw this one, i thought it would be fun to redo this one in B&W
note 2: this is a post to remind myself that black goes together with white, just as much as the reflection can’t be separated from the source

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Falkirk Wheel Serie

I got asked by another photographer to send her some pictures from the Falkirk Wheel. I’m more than glad to do this and while i was preparing some pictures i decided to put them on the weblog too! I hope you like the serie and if you’re ever close to Falkirk and it’s amazing wheel, do yourself a favor! Hop on in one of those tourist boats and enjoy the ride and the experience 🙂 My dad and I truely enjoyed it!
Created a gallery since the layout of 12 individual pictures creates a big mess lol 🙂
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