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Into the wild





Today i’ve wandered through the forest, seen and heard many birds.. came back home full of experiences and photographs

The interesting thing about all these experiences was that earlier today i was reading a book by Lama Tsongkhapa in which he describes how much we’re attached to our senses.. and indeed, in the forest i was constantly on the watch for sights and sounds. Perhaps that’s the downside for me of taking the camera with me. Or better said, it’s a lesson for me. First relax the mind, eyes and ears and then engage with the forest, connect with it without wanting to grasp at certain experiences (like seeing a kingfisher or a squirrel)

So today ended up being both rewarding in terms of photographs and in applying wisdom..


A day at the heathland

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Last week i spend a day wandering through the heathland and forest with a good friend of mine.. we were playing with our camera’s.. this is a picture to give you a bit of a feel of the area. In the autumn this area is probably beautifully colored by all the purple flowers of the common heather (Calluna vulgaris)

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Everything tries to remind me

Yet forgetful I wander

Grasping for any reason

Vision clouded by a dark veil

Heaviness pushing me down

Drowning me in the pool of ignorance
Still I am searching for something

Which is hidden deep inside

Life still lacking any meaning

Only artificial contentment remains

Held in place by a separated mind

And forgetful I still wander