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4: Vulnerable



To allow myself to open up
To finally show what is hidden
To express what really moves me
How come it is so scary?

Yet the prospect of having to live
With all the pain locked inside
Emotional blockades ruining me
Can only lead to depression

So the urgency is very clear
I have to allow myself to open up
Fear of rejection and failure
Will surely be my guide for some time

Yet many have walked this path before
Teaching that in being vulnerable
Seeing the others are no other than we
We can share our most precious gifts

From this moment onwards
I let the free heart speak
With its shaky unstable voice
Stepping into an unknown world

Cause the world needs me to be
Vulnerable opening all senses
To the suffering and pain
Of the world in which we live

Instead of looking away again
I feel that this time i can stay
Let life run through my veins
As the heart cries out its song of hurt

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Vulnerability strikes at the heart
Uncovering our very insecurities
Touching the essence of our being
Pointing to the persistant belief
No matter what we do or achieve
We’ll never be good enough
Once realised this is only a choice
We’re finally free to rejoice
Opening up to a fresh reality
Seeing that our true value lies within
No longer clinging to peoples judgments
Ignoring the self destructive thoughts
Going inward into our hidden core
Choosing to embrace our vulnerability
A new light of insight shines in our way
We’ve always been good enough
Ever since our very first day