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Amsterdam Central


Amsterdam Centraal

Played a bit with an old image. Inspired by many photographers i see on a Dutch photo website, i tried to create a special industrial look. The sky was a bit of a nightmare with all the overexposed spots, so instead i just removed the sky and replaced it by a grey color and added a bit of noise. Very much fun to do cause it’s so different compared to how i would normally edit an image.

Fierce Fire – 911

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As i posted yesterday’s post, i suddenly had an insight how to enhance the effect of the flowers by changing the colors of the background to a firelike red color. So i like to show this one too, if you want to compare check yesterday’s post Flowered Fire-Cat.

A bit double, but i like the result so i thought i should share it here 🙂 And this happens to be post 911 lol. Bring in the fire brigade!