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5: The Secret


My first exposition!



Since last week 20 of my images are in an exposition at the office i work in Deventer. Very cool to see all these images come alive. As i could do the selection, i choose a variety of work. Some edited with photoshop and others from the time i first started to really do photographing. Wanted to show you ladies and gentlemen the photographs. The above image is the actual setting. Below is a gallery with all 20 photographs. You may recognize some of them, as i’ve posted them before.

Let me know what you think of the collection 🙂


Flower Power


Spring has arrived! These shots were taken at the children’s farm where they also have a very nice garden with various types of flowers. Some tulips and some hyacints and some i don’t know the name of 🙂 Have a lovely week

Hanging on


Overblijfsel Tulp ZW Overblijfsel Tulp

These tulips are weeks old, almost gone, but still the flowers remain colorful. Tried to capture this with a macro shot and while was editing it, a black and white version had to be made too. So here are two images for you. The red you see on the right, is from the red wall so it’s not painted digitally hehe

Resting in the Heart


The heart klein

Resting in the Heart

Soft with a melodious fragrance
Sending out a symphony of colors
Lighthearted and care free
You dance the dance of light
Opening your heart to all
While you rest in nature’s lap

The Beauty in Impermanence

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A Tulip decaying

A Tulip decaying


Once we’re willing to look deeply into life
Seeing that all what we work for and strife
Is shattered at the inevitable end of us all
We all know nobody can escape death’s call

We can wish for eternal existence
Hold on to what is most dear
But in the end death is always near
Accepting this fact of life will lead to freedom


In the middle


Tulp klein

Thanks to a very subtle and beautiful edited photograph by Mythical Horse i was inspired to edit a photograph i took earlier today. It’s the heart of a Kaufmanniana tulip, with a slight touch of HDR (though it’s only one photograph, so not a real HDR)