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12: Blend in

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I guess i always try to blend in, but forget that it is but a reflection of me





2016 started off with a clear night sky. And as the camera was there, i took a few pictures. Blurred the tree in the front a bit to make it resemble fire and tried to enhance the night sky. Still trying to figure out the best way to capture stars, but in the mean time i’m having fun just trying πŸ™‚

And euh.. don’t mind the chromatic aborration πŸ˜‰

First attempt at HDR


HDR gemeentehuis2_klein
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Today i was riding home when i noticed the moon almost full above our town’s city hall.. so i decided to try a HDR picture. I’m still working on finding out how it actually works, but to me it looks pretty cool for a starter.. i don’t think it will be my thing completely, but it’s nice to try something new though πŸ™‚

let me know what you think, what software u use and any tips are welcome πŸ™‚
Have a great (photographing) weekend!

Painting the Sky

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Crane Painting 4
A Full Moon Party

Using Photoshop Elements i made the photograph into a drawing.. ever since i saw the painting in my parents house, i know i one day want to make a painting of cranes too. They’ve got a beautiful painting with two cranes and an full moon.. i tried to recreate that.. see whether you like the result (1 without full moon & 2 with full moon)