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I’m the worst of all sinners

thinking i know

while being but a flock in the mist

sin is trying

being is revealing

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Self Image

Self image
The illusion of having to pretend
An empty shell held up high
Protecting itself at all cost
Ever fearing the unknown
Keeping the self locked in
Distrusting everything outside itself
Confusing narcissism with loyalty
Ferociously attacking everything
Crossing its imaginary lines

Yet praised by oh so many
Image held in the highest regard
Un-knowingly supporting the ego
Finding like-minded in its defense
Constituting lies to support prison walls
Forever fleeing from the truth
Obscuring its mirage existence
A puppet theatre full of masks
Pretending to be the true self

Seeing through the darkness
Recognizing the light within
Let the mind play with content
No need to hold on to anything
The veil is no longer obstructing
Self image mirroring the self
There is no real separation
It is all just a vague reflection
Of who we really are

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Unspoken of and yet intimately real
Covered by layers of sand
Deep down inside you remained
Years have passed
Memories faded
Untill now
You came to the surface with all force
Shattering false believes
Stable ground turns into quicksand
I’m drowning in you
And yet I feel I have to move on through
To find the bottom of this pit
To recover my very own innocence
The muddy pool now filled with water
You grew quietly without haste
And now you’re opening up
A painfully beautiful flower
Showing me who I am
What I have become is just an image
Of who I really am
The water reflects my inner being
Pure and unspoiled
With the pain now at the surface
I can feel again

The Trickster

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The TricksterText icon

Oblivious of the prison walls
Insecure and alone
Haunting visions visit
Deep darkness awaits

Thoughts trouble the mind
Floating by continiously
Demanding attention
Absorbing the energy

Sound reaches crescendo
Strange words reach out
Dark clouds cover the land
Full of endless sorrow

The Trickster tricked

Light shines within
A tiny spark holds the key
Doors of perceptions await
Guiding the mystical future

Knowledge from ancient sources
Pathway to higher realms
Inner wisdom revelation
Shades cast away

Truth unfolds itself

Hope arises in the heart
Trusting in letting go
Love offers peace
Creating new existence

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