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Laughing Matters



Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Laughter reaches my ear as i’m unable to locate the source
A lovely eerie voice screeches my brain
Rattling with joy the sound pitch goes up
Then i realize i’m in the land of the Auzzies
Home of the ever cheerful laughing bird
Looking up i spot the joyful trickster
One more laughter and then he’s off
Leaving me in bewilderment
But now armed with a big wide smile


The Trickster

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The TricksterText icon

Oblivious of the prison walls
Insecure and alone
Haunting visions visit
Deep darkness awaits

Thoughts trouble the mind
Floating by continiously
Demanding attention
Absorbing the energy

Sound reaches crescendo
Strange words reach out
Dark clouds cover the land
Full of endless sorrow

The Trickster tricked

Light shines within
A tiny spark holds the key
Doors of perceptions await
Guiding the mystical future

Knowledge from ancient sources
Pathway to higher realms
Inner wisdom revelation
Shades cast away

Truth unfolds itself

Hope arises in the heart
Trusting in letting go
Love offers peace
Creating new existence

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