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Rotterdam Towers



The Kop van Zuid is an area in Rotterdam situated along the Maas river and is developing into a very modern part of the city with large skyscrapers. Took a few images a while back when i was in Rotterdam and made a new edit today. Shot taken from the Erasmus bridge

In between the giants

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Holland-Amerika Lijn6_klein

A picture from the Kop van Zuid, a famous strip of land in Rotterdam. The building in the building is the former headquarters of the Holland-America line, a boat company which brought a lot of passengers from Holland to America. Now it serves as a hotel, while being surrounded by giants.

Twofold Tower


Toren WP

Toren WP2

Two more pictures from last week in The Hague. This time another tower photographed from up front. One in color and one in black and white. Had the smartphone with me, so i might have to go back using a standard and the EOS to get some more nice pictures of these skycrapers.