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Hoppin’ Red

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Came across this red grashopper. A few months ago i didn’t even knew they existed in the Netherlands, but this fellow is showing they’re here πŸ™‚


The Painted Lady

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This beautiful butterfly is now frequently visiting the Butterfly bush in the front garden.. and she’s actually called Painted Lady in English πŸ™‚ Latin name is Vanessa cardui

Brown Argus


Brown Argus

Little butterfly

Thinking about you
I wonder can I find you?
And you just showed up!

This haiku is actually describing what happened yesterday at the local children’s farm. I was wondering whether i could find an Argus butterfly in a field of flowers and the moment i had this thought, i saw (what turned out to be) a Brown Argus. Really cool small butterflies with a blue touch. And so i’m very happy with the result πŸ™‚

Mistle thrush


Lijster WP

This Mistle trush was foraging on a small area of land still undeveloped. There was a lot of activity going on with blackbirds and a White wagtail, but as the trush was the closest i focused on this bird. Here you can see the bird with a small worm it just catched.Β  Have a great weekend all of you!

Taken with Tamron 70-300mm telelens.

Bee happy



This bee was very much interested in the Geraniums blossoming in the backyard. Luckily i had the telelens on the camera, so as to take some nice macro pictures. This is one of them and it’s always great to see small things like flowers and insects really come alive in large!