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30: Icecold Nightmare

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Icecold Nightmare

Demons hunt you down
They are trying to catch you
In their spiderweb

Deep within your sleep
You fight with all the demons
Fearing for your life

Trapped in the corner
Demons are screaming to you –
Surrender or die!

Just before you faint
You see the spider coming
Fangs ready to strike….



Suddenly you wake
And you start to realize
It was just a dream

One scary nightmare
You were lost dreaming again
Fooled by the mindgame

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Let go of everything you have

Just be

Let all thoughts flow freely

Clinging to none

Accept joy and pain alike

Make no distinction

Don’t take life too serious

Be as a child

Forever lost in innocence

Abiding in happiness

Knowing not the taste of suffering

Allowing all to arise

In complete surrender

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Sometimes I just ponder
Watching clouds drifting by
Flowers blossoming all around me
Birds filling up the air
Sweet majesty in sound and flight
All celebrating the wonder of life

Forgetful being in stillness
Timeless moments flowing by
Pondering turns into wonder
No choice but to surrender
Feeling of love and magic
Intangible yet familiar

Outside reflecting the inside
Inside exploring the outside
Awareness mirroring itself
Knowing myself becomes obsolete
Life being the one experience
Everlasting and whole