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Forest Painting


While making this image i had to think of the work of Cybele – The Runes of the Gatekeeper’s Daughter, who makes beautiful images full of fantasy and lore.

So let’s make this into a small tribute 🙂 This one is for you Cybele!

Visit her beautiful website here at https://cybeleshine.blog


The sun sets as the land changes



Sunset at the hill which used to be a dump. Taken in 2015

Wish you all a lovely weekend

Flower Read Anthology


Bloemlezing klein2

Normally the English language helps me to express what i’m trying to portrait. This time though there is no good translation for what is evident in Dutch. The word Anthology is translated in Dutch as ‘Flower Read’. In Dutch the title is obvious, but there was no proper translation for this word.

The idea popped up yesterday and today while sitting in the sunshine, tried a few shots with this as a result.

ps. the book is called Ecology without Nature. This book is written by Timothy Morton, a Harvard professor and a very generous man.

Different Perspective


Today a few images of this tree. Don’t know which tree it is, but had a bit of fun with this one on Sunday when i took these images. Playing with perspective is always much fun to do 🙂

Getting close with Lizzie


Creative Commons License
In France we had one day of good weather and on this day a lot of lizards came out in the sunshine. Because it wasn’t warm the days before, they weren’t very quick. This gave me an excellent opportunity to get close with the mobile phone. This is one of the pictures i took with the camera that day

Dust in the Outback

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Holden Jackaroo-2klein
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Picture taken out of the car while driving in the Australian Outback. Beautiful to see the dust trail in the back.. my friend who i was with was very careful with this 20 year old car, but it brought him all the way along the coast of Australia (from Townsville up to Darwin, along the Northwest, down to Perth and all the way to Melbourne). So this car has seen a lot! So i have some good memories with this car 🙂

Enjoy the ride

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Creative Commons License
A friend of mine enjoying the view while on a boat. We rented two boats and had a great afternoon on the Frysian lakes in the northern part of the Netherlands. (Horizon is a bit off, due to the panorama function of the phone i used.. couldnt keep it straight on the boat)

Beautiful Bath

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Beautiful Bath_klein
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Last year visited Bath, an old city with lots and lots of beautiful buildings.. right now this area is probably flooded.. can’t imagine what its like to live in the flooded parts of England.. Wish you all the best and hopefully it will stop raining soon!