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A tree on the lake shore covered in fog


Autumn Play

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A detail image from the Japanese Maple in the backyard

Travel – a Monochromed Madness Theme



This week is the first of the month, so it means that at Leanne Cole there is a themed Monochrome Madness. This month’s theme is Travel. For the image i choose, i didn’t choose to go through all my travel photos to pick the one i liked the most. Instead, i intuitively choose this picture i took a little over a week ago at the coast in Zeeland (a province in the south-west of the Netherlands, close to the sea as it’s name translates to Sea land). It’s one of my former roommates walking through the wet sand on our stroll on the beach. I personally like the simplicity of it. Not difficult to see what the image is about and yet the reflection creates a subtle extra dimension. Walking is such a wonderful way to travel. Just go where the legs will bring you

And as an extra i’d like to show the original colored version too, think the sand looks great in colors 🙂

Subtle flow

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Another photo from a waterfall at Plitvice National Park. A true paradise for those who love long exposures, though it can be hard to find a spot without movement. Hope you like these photos as I probably have some more for you in the near future.