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The Hague


First two images of The Hague city, in the west of the Netherlands. The first image shows a lot of ministries and the royal library. The right shows the business center with a love of tall buildings and a special construction made for the trams which pass through the streets. Very interesting to be in a city more now and to be able to explore the cityscape. There will be more images to follow, but as always i start with my personal favorites πŸ˜€

MM: The Two Towers



My entry for this weeks Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole (http://leannecole.com.au/blog)

Two towers of a church in Deventer

Bergkerk (Mountain Church)



This church called Bergkerk in Dutch (in English it would be Mountain Church) and can be found in the Hanze city of Deventer. The light was beautiful yesterday, so i took a few pictures to capture this πŸ™‚

Made for Mitza


mondriaan-klein winterswijk-klein2 winterswijk2-klein winterswijk3-klein winterswijk4-klein

As my dear blogging friend wrote in one of her comments, she preferred to see the picture of my hometown in color. So why not post them right away? Hope you like em πŸ™‚

Saturday Reflections



Well, almost Sunday but what the hack πŸ™‚
These are actual reflections as seen in a building close-by. When you walk alongside this building, the perspective changes dramatically due to the workings of the various windows. No idea how they work, but it looks very nice imho

Euromast: Rotterdam’s Tallest

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Euromast klein

The famous eyecatcher of Rotterdam, the Euromast, has an elevator which brings you up +200 meters in the air while spiraling along the central column. When i first moved upward i was a bit shocked to notice we would turn around the central column. But then i realized that as we were all buckled in our seatbelts, we needed to go round to see the entire cityscape. This is from another time, when we were strolling the city. Took this photo while passing through and found it today. Never edited it before, but i think in this cut out it its actually quite a nice architectural picture..

Wish you a nice weekend in advance!

Orange Country C(h)oppers

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Dutch police officers waiting just for the start of the prologue of the Giro d’Italia back in June of this year. Every rider had a police officer on bike as an escort.
But before the start, it was time to relax and have a chat with each other

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Under construction


Across the street where I live, they’re building a transit display for public transportation. Don’t know what it will look like, but it’s fun to see the structure rising from the ground. The skeleton is now standing. Used HDR technology for this image

Edinburgh Panorama


Edinburgh Skyline klein

Panorama of the railway station and the old part of the city in the background, where you can find the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle

hint: click on the image for a larger version

Fireworks bringing us 2016



Captured a bit of fireworks last night with my parents cam. Turned out pretty great, thanks to the group of people who lit all those nice fireworks.

Wish you all a great and inspiring 2016 with wisdom to guide you, love to lead you and your heart to be open and flowering. Basically, enjoy your life! πŸ˜€