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Anomenies.. eeh.. Anemones





The warmth is soothing today
Your soft fragrance fills the garden
Inviting me to come closer to you
Carefully I push away your leaves
This time you allow me to remove
Your veil of secrecy and protection
As I watch you naked in the eyes
Your floral hands suddenly grab me
Embracing me with your lightning beauty
I never could have dreamed that
You would ask me to join for a dance

And yet, here we are dancing the tango


Holly Blue



Little Blue

Blue delight, resting after your flight
As you are frolicking ever playful in the air
Though you are little, you have so much flair
Blue knight, you’re such a delicate sight

There it was

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Walking in the forest at the end of the day
Worries of work and life have to give way
For what can withstand the stillness?
If only there is a tiny bit of willingness
To listen and to see without the senses

The trunk

Only being there as the dance advances
Heart to heart with the flowers and trees
Both enjoying the chilling warm breeze
With the sunlight touching the landscape
Highlighting beauty of various size and shape



Snowdrop Fairytales

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With a now dirty pair of trousers, i crawled on the ground to find the right angle. With a field full of Snowdrops, it’s hard to find the perfect composition. But i am happy experimenting again and this one suits me just fine 🙂