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XXX: The Fortress

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More fun with photos!


Panoramic Seaing

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Beach Panorama kleiner

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Last year in September we enjoyed our last day in Croatia with a dinner at the beach close to Split. Had my camera with me and shot this panoram of the beautiful sunset

Sneak Peak

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Soon the new theme of Monochrome Madness will go live on the site of Leanne Cole (http://leannecole.com.au/). The theme is City and as i was searching for an image i looked up the collection of photos taken in Croatia and came up with this one. The city of Split as seen from this pathway which leads to the botanical gardens of Split.

Coastline of Split


Kustlijn van Split

An image from the holiday in Croatia. After i realized i couldnt find a proper spot to shoot the sunset at the end of the park at Split, i walked back and luckily i found this nice view of the bay of Split. The isle on the top right is called Uglijan. This isle is famous for its pristine blue water and nice white sandy beaches. Perhaps something to check out later πŸ™‚

Zadar Reflection


The Town square mirror

I just love them mirrors πŸ™‚ This is a mirrored image of the Forum of Zadar, a beautiful old Roman city close to Split in Croatia. You can see the St Donatus church behind the orange building. Some interesting lines to discover here!

Bittersweet Goodbye


Sunset at the Beach2-3 WP

The last evening in Croatia we had a marvellous sunset.. beautiful scenery combined with a calm sea and wonderful colors. Really amazing place Croatia. Now one and a half week home it’s nice to have these kinds of memories left to explore πŸ™‚

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New (sub)blog

In Marchl i started a blog called PNCO: A Creative Exploration. Since then i’ve realized that i like to write more. Yet i also like photographing, so i decided to split the blog into two. PNCO will remain as a photo blog and the new blog will be about my writings. The adress is https://pieternavis.wordpress.com

Thank you for visiting and if you have anything to say or comment, please let me know!


Pieter Navis