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Today i’ve wandered through the forest, seen and heard many birds.. came back home full of experiences and photographs

The interesting thing about all these experiences was that earlier today i was reading a book by Lama Tsongkhapa in which he describes how much we’re attached to our senses.. and indeed, in the forest i was constantly on the watch for sights and sounds. Perhaps that’s the downside for me of taking the camera with me. Or better said, it’s a lesson for me. First relax the mind, eyes and ears and then engage with the forest, connect with it without wanting to grasp at certain experiences (like seeing a kingfisher or a squirrel)

So today ended up being both rewarding in terms of photographs and in applying wisdom..


Zebra Finch

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A series of the zebrafinches.. The sound these little Zebra Finches make always reminds me of a clip made by Pixar. They´re so famous nowadays, who doesn’t know their movies (e.g. Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc etc).. one of my personal favorites is a short clip called ‘For the Birds’ – check out the clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzimNEikhWM