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Work in Progress

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Yes! I’m working on the photobook.. in the mind that is lol.. i’m getting all ready to open all them different folders and copying the best images…
And in the mean time i’ve also been thinking about creating a watermark. Does any of you know how to make a watermark out of an image? I would love to use this image as it reminds me of a beautiful holiday in Australia back in 2010.. good thing to have sweet memories attached to all my photographs lol

Wood you smile?



Today there were lots of Dragonflies at the childrens farm. So it was photographing time πŸ™‚

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A Dragon’s Smile part II


This is one of the first photos I posted here on this blog. Came across this while checking the archive on the pc and I thought it was worth to share with you. A little bit different composition and edit makes this new lol. And I guess most of you haven’t seen this beauty before. Take in the smile and have a lovely day today! You may rest and enjoy a nice sweet Sunday πŸ™‚

Hey Arnold!

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Hey Arnold klein
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This is Arnold. He visited me with his parents last Friday and he asked me (neh, i asked him :P) to take some pictures of him. He is five months old and a really funny little lad. Laughing a lot and curious. It was sure a nice thing to have him here for the day πŸ™‚

Logo ‘Hey Arnold’ copyright of Nickelodeon (i assume :))