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Lake Dreams – can you help me out?


Last year i entered this photo into a local photo contest and to my surprise this photo was one of the three winners. And a few days ago i received a message that the organization behind that contest had entered my photo in yet another contest. So i thanked them and suggested they should share the photo on social media, since the most votes get awarded.

So i thought it would be fun to get some international votes for the photograph too πŸ™‚
I would be very glad if you are willing to vote for this photo in the contest, let’s see if i have a chance. You may have to search for my photo, should be on the first page, but not sure as other entries might be added. You should click on ‘STEM’ (which is Dutch for VOTE)
Link to contest

ps. If you don’t want a newsletter, don’t forget to tick off the newsletter when you cast your vote. Or perhaps you want to learn some Dutch, then it’s ok πŸ˜›

And in the mean time, enjoy the scenery just as the Germans on the photo and me behind the lens did πŸ™‚


Madagascar Lemur


Courtesy of my brother who went on a holiday to Madagascar with his girlfriend

My brother has lent my camera on his holiday and now in return i can use some of his photos for the blog. So i’ll show you some nice ones in the weeks to come. This is the first one, of a Lemur sitting on a branch

Fishing as the clouds drift by



A fisherman at Zadar pier in Croatia during last years holiday. Added a bit of drama to the sky and sea to really make the fisherman stand out




Last week suddenly these beetles came out of nowhere and utilized the grass. Have no clue what kind of beetle this is, but i could get a nice close-up shot as one was resting on the mint plant. Pretty cool looking beetle πŸ™‚

Watching the sunset


Higelo WP

Yesterday while i was waiting for the sun to set these two German campers came by and sat themselves in front of my imagined photo. So instead of complaining, i took advantage of the situation and added them to the composition. Think it looks quite cool to have them enjoying the sunset on the photograph πŸ˜‰


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Roodborstje klein

The little Robin i talked about a few blogposts ago has been around, but i haven’t been able to get a better photograph. So i share with you the best so far, which is this one where the little chatter is sitting on the fence guarding the vegetables from cats sneaking in lol. I wish you all a great day!