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Autumn Play

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A detail image from the Japanese Maple in the backyard


Wood you smile?



Today there were lots of Dragonflies at the childrens farm. So it was photographing time πŸ™‚



Wooldsche Veen

Went for a stroll this weekend and came home with a few nice results. This image is taken in a bog close to the border with Germany. The pathway is heightened so you wont get wet feet. Most of the time it’s very quiet in there, creating an atmosphere of solitude and peace. Very lovely bog with quite some rare species.

Amsterdam Central


Amsterdam Centraal

Played a bit with an old image. Inspired by many photographers i see on a Dutch photo website, i tried to create a special industrial look. The sky was a bit of a nightmare with all the overexposed spots, so instead i just removed the sky and replaced it by a grey color and added a bit of noise. Very much fun to do cause it’s so different compared to how i would normally edit an image.

Fire and Flames


Fire and Flames klein
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I’m noticing more and more that i like the abstract. Perhaps it has to do with me still learning the camera and that the pictures sometimes lack 100% sharpness, i don’t know. But actually it doesn’t matter, cause i really like the editing process. Playing around with the colors, saturation etc almost feels like painting πŸ™‚

This picture is a deliberate unsharp picture from orange moss i took yesterday. And i must say that i like the result, so as always i’m curious what you think πŸ™‚

Passing by the river

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IJssel vanaf de spoorbrug_klein
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Today while going back home, i had my camera with me and suddenly i decided to take this picture. This is the river IJssel near the city of Zutphen. Took this picture while in a moving train, so the sharpness is not 100%, but i like the composition. Hope you like it too πŸ™‚

Song Thrush

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This youngster was waiting for his parents to bring it some food.. it just sat on the branch, not doing anything – neither did it move. I still have a lot of practice to do, cause the head isnt sharp enough imo.. but i’ll get there. So if there are any bird photographers out there, who can help me increase the quality of bird pictures.. please let me know! Curious what the best settings are for bird photography (e.g. what ISO, AV or TV etc)