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Sweet Cherry II

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Friday Cherry day

Sweet Cherry


Last weekend the garden man cut down the Cherry tree. This week the flowers are arising

There it was

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Walking in the forest at the end of the day
Worries of work and life have to give way
For what can withstand the stillness?
If only there is a tiny bit of willingness
To listen and to see without the senses

The trunk

Only being there as the dance advances
Heart to heart with the flowers and trees
Both enjoying the chilling warm breeze
With the sunlight touching the landscape
Highlighting beauty of various size and shape



View over the Vragenderveen


As promised some more pictures in a gallery of the Vragenderveen with the watchtower. Really amazing view over the bog, which covers quite a large area. They even got Crane birds in here, wonderful to see them. Don’t know whether i’ll be able to catch them on camera though as they’re very much secluded



While trying to capture two Greylag goose, i didn’t notice the camera settings were set to manual and were set for photographing in a shaded part of the forest. So the settings were a little too much to get a sharp photo of the geese, but it created this image. Transformed it to black and white since there was hardly any color left lol

The King’s Canyon


Kings Canyon panorama

This is another magical place in Australia, called Kings Canyon. A huge crater with steep cliffs and beautiful alienating stone structures and with a hidden oasis in the middle. Such a marvellous sight, it was a wonderful experience to have walked there!

This image contains 2 photographs which are stitched together.