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MM 4-31: Holland from above

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My entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness as hosted by Leanne Cole. An image of the Maas river and a small part of the Rotterdam harbor industry, which is massive.

Tomorrow at http://leanecole.com.au/blog you can find all the entries for this week’s madness


West McDonnells Range

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West McDonnells Range panorama2
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Next to the city of Alice Springs lie the McDonnells Ranges (east and west).. beautiful varied landscapes… and lovely weather!

Akaroa Bay

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Lake Ellesmere and Canterbury Plains-4
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A few pictures from back in 2008 in New Zealand, first 3 taken at Akaroa Bay, the other one is the view of Lake Ellesmere and the Canterbury Plains. You can even see the Southern Alps in the distance!

Me @ Milford Sound NZ


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We did a boat tour with the whole family (father, mother, brother and me) at the Milford Sound in New-Zealand. The sound is part of the Fjordland National Park, a vast area full of fjords and amazing nature.. funny anecdote: my boss goes hunting there, he gets dropped off by a chopper and then goes on by himself for 7 days.. Nobody lives there in Fjordland, so it meand relying on yourself for 7 whole days, wow! 🙂