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Looking Through

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At the entrance to the forest i love to be there is a small patch of trees with young birch trees.. gives a cool perspective to look ‘through them’




het-late-licht robin2 schuur-kotten the-red-heart

Found a few nice shots which i took back in May.. found them again today and worked a bit on them. A bit of variety this time. As always, thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment


View From Up High


When we flew back from Croatia the sky was very clear, so we had this magnificent view over parts of Europe. Here are a few shots. First shot is Antwerp Harbor, second is the Maas river, third one is the city of Bergen op Zoom, the fourth one is a part of Germany and the fifth and six image are both from the Alps

The sun setting in the water

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Yesterday while strolling around to find some nice places to photograph i stopped at a bridge over a creek. The sun had almost sunk below the horizon, so i decided to take a few pictures to capture this moment in time. I’m happy with the colored reflection in the water. Did a bit of post-editing to enhance the colors, cause i wanted to have colors in the sky too.

The Mansion



A photograph of a nice house somewhere around the city i live. Came across it today when i saw the reflection in the water. I decided to come back later, since there were some people standing right at the spot. Had a bit of a bad experience in the recent past, so i went on to stroll. Came back later to find the spot all to myself. So i took the opportunity to take a few shots and this is one of them. It’s a HDR, but i hope you don’t notice that lol

Click one time for a good image, the photograph isnt blurred actually 😉

Auzzie Windmill

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Old Windmill-klein Old Windmill-klein2

Two versions of this windmill somewhere in rural Australia. The size of the farms in Australia is almost incomparable with those here in the Netherlands. 50 km2 is a normal size in Australia, whereas a farmer with 50 acres here is a pretty big farmer. Ground fertility and flat land makes quite a difference i guess.

On a path

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Two pictures this time from last friday. Was cycling outside in the search for some nice autumn pictures. Came across a couple of nice places, and i like to show you these two pictures. First one is a pretty broad sandy road with a bit of autumn in it, the second one is a more secluded path only accessible for cyclists and walkers.