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Glen Coe

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The amazing landscape in the valley of Glen Coe, Scotland.


The Hague


First two images of The Hague city, in the west of the Netherlands. The first image shows a lot of ministries and the royal library. The right shows the business center with a love of tall buildings and a special construction made for the trams which pass through the streets. Very interesting to be in a city more now and to be able to explore the cityscape. There will be more images to follow, but as always i start with my personal favorites πŸ˜€



It’s been quite busy lately. Hardly can find the time or energy to go out and take new photos, but hopefully soon i’ll be able to show you some new work. In the mean time i’ve found this one which i’d like to show. A statue/piece of art in front of a building which creates interesting reflections. Really abstract, but imho really cool πŸ™‚

Paklenica showing its beauty


A steep road brought us to this place, close to Paklenica National park and close to the coast in Croatia. Really intense ride up, but this view was well worth it πŸ™‚

Stretched Mountains

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Played with this panorama. In reality the mountains are not as steep as on this picture, but by change i saw the mountains being stretched because of incompatibility between my phone and a certain website. So tried to recreate this effect using Lightroom.. pretty funny to do and like the result a lot πŸ™‚

Amsterdam Central


Amsterdam Centraal

Played a bit with an old image. Inspired by many photographers i see on a Dutch photo website, i tried to create a special industrial look. The sky was a bit of a nightmare with all the overexposed spots, so instead i just removed the sky and replaced it by a grey color and added a bit of noise. Very much fun to do cause it’s so different compared to how i would normally edit an image.

Isle of Skye in the mist

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Isle of Skye in the mist_klein
Creative Commons License
The Isle of Skye and Scotland in general seem to attract lots of clouds and mist. While on the Isle of Skye, we basically had two days of mist with an occassional sunbeam shining through the clouds. But the good thing about it, is that it creates a mystical atmosphere, one which fits the Island. This is one of the pictures i took while driving around the beautiful island.

Dust in the Outback

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Holden Jackaroo-2klein
Creative Commons License

Picture taken out of the car while driving in the Australian Outback. Beautiful to see the dust trail in the back.. my friend who i was with was very careful with this 20 year old car, but it brought him all the way along the coast of Australia (from Townsville up to Darwin, along the Northwest, down to Perth and all the way to Melbourne). So this car has seen a lot! So i have some good memories with this car πŸ™‚