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Panoramic Seaing

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Beach Panorama kleiner

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Last year in September we enjoyed our last day in Croatia with a dinner at the beach close to Split. Had my camera with me and shot this panoram of the beautiful sunset

Lake Dreams

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Benmore klein

A while back in beautiful New Zealand we came across lake Benmore where there was no wind and beautiful mountains in the background, causing these dreamlike reflections in the water. On eof the highlights of our journey through the land of LOTR πŸ™‚

Lake Reflections


Hilgelo met Riet en molen

The clouds reflect on themselves
As they drift off in the evening sky
Contemplating their existence
They’re sure to vanish in thin air

The water is receptive to all
View and motion touching
Its surface while the deep
Remains still and unmoved

The mill stands proud
As a tiny point in history
She carries the past in her bones
Long gone on this present day

Standing on the shore of the lake
I see that natural and man-made
Are not so different after all as
Each is contained in the flow of life

Bright Lights


2015-10-26 10_19_00-Greenshot

A new cut from a photograph from July this year. Was a wonderful sunset and seeing the photographs brings back the good feeling. Used a bit of HDR here to enhance the colors, the reflections were amazing!


ps. Thanks for your responses on the post about Pooh!



Rotterdam Skyline blog

Rotterdam is one of the biggest cities in the Netherlands with one of the largest harbors in the world. It truly is a mainport with an impressive skyline. For me as a guy from the rural area in the east of the Netherlands, it’s always an adventure to visit and see the city. Really amazing sight!

Illusory Trees

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It has been raining quite a bit here, so here and there the rain has formed small puddles on the street. Decided to play with it a bit, both in color and in black and white. Let me know which one looks the best in your opinion! I’d be glad to hear, cause they’re so different! Have a great weekend ya’ll!

Reflective Flow



One more from friday. Played a bit with this one, made out of 3 exposures. Did some post-editing, including vignetting and orton to create a bit more dark atmosphere – which fits autumn well; have to admit though that the weather today was great πŸ™‚

have a good start of your week tomorrow!

Last of this year’s leaves

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Went back to the forest today, lovely colors in a more shaded part of it. Seeing this i shouldve lowered the camera a tiny bit for the reflections.. but nonetheless, im pleased with the result!

Sunset Reflections


Panorama meer-3 klein

A picture of a man-made lake with the trees starting to color. Couldnt find anything interesting for the foreground, so i used the edge of the lake for some more depth. Picture is made up of 9 pictures, 3 for each section of this panorama. Three different exposures per section which created more color in the sky and in the reflections. Enhanced the colors a bit, added a little contrast and there she is.. Hope you like her

Reflecting Tranquility

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Lotus in the late sunlight_kleiner



Waterlillies.. i really love these beauties. Growing out of the dirt but the flower always spotless. THere is a reason why they’re used in so many different Indian and other Asian myths and stories. To me they represent the path of growth, of growing up and overcoming difficulties. Not giving up, but knowing that the inside core can never be damaged by any outside event. And ofcourse it’s also about showing the beauty which resided in each and everybody’s heart πŸ™‚