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The Fog


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Yesterday was a very foggy day, perfect circumstances for a day out with the camera. Went to a lake where i know there are some dead trees standing in the water. This is the first of the serie, this week i’ll show some more (minimalist) shots of the lake. Really had great fun in the cold with this weather.




Cause dragons have a soft side too 🙂

I’m off for a few days, be back in a bit.

Lake Reflections


Hilgelo met Riet en molen

The clouds reflect on themselves
As they drift off in the evening sky
Contemplating their existence
They’re sure to vanish in thin air

The water is receptive to all
View and motion touching
Its surface while the deep
Remains still and unmoved

The mill stands proud
As a tiny point in history
She carries the past in her bones
Long gone on this present day

Standing on the shore of the lake
I see that natural and man-made
Are not so different after all as
Each is contained in the flow of life

Swan Lake


Golden music

Two swans close together in the late evening light. They had a youngster with them which was chased away occasionally, but was allowed to stay close nonetheless. Beautiful reflection in the water reminded me of musical notes. Tsjaikovski close by 🙂



Wooldsche Veen

Went for a stroll this weekend and came home with a few nice results. This image is taken in a bog close to the border with Germany. The pathway is heightened so you wont get wet feet. Most of the time it’s very quiet in there, creating an atmosphere of solitude and peace. Very lovely bog with quite some rare species.

Quarry at sunset

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Zonsondergang afgraving2_klein
Zonsondergang afgraving4_klein
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Yesterday i went to an old quarry which is no longer in use. Nature is taking over! There were a lot of clouds but still the sunset was nice to watch. For the first picture i used a CP-filter, for the second i also added a ND-filter. Glad i discovered this spot, think i’ll go back there in the near future to watch some more sunrises!