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Breaking Free

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The illusory play of mind
Makes me believe what I see
Let’s me hear what is not there
Thoughts pop up ceaselessly
Like effortlessly playing a game
The mind tries to hold me hostage

I want to break free!

Daring to cross the threshold
Confronting the familiar patterns
Overcoming addictive habits
Questioning the rigidity of this body
Investigating the very nature of I
Where is this mind I hold so dear?

Who wants to break free?

What are you looking at?


Witte Vlek in het gras

My dear friend, what are you looking at?
You stare in the distance certain of your aim
As your glance penetrates the grass
Your ears pick up the sounds around us
What do your senses tell?
How wondrous to sit right beside you
And seeing a whole different world

As the camera points towards you
You let me know with a familiar meow
That it surely is a cats’ honor and duty
To look as if one is deeply involved
In a staring contest twenty-four-seven
And know that no one can beat you
If I promise i won’t mention the birds



Looking for a new theme

Hi guys,

i was browsing a bit and i realized that after leaving the first theme of this blog behind me, i never quite found one which i feel pleased with. I’m looking for one in which there is focus on the photographs with not too much distraction. . And if possible, would love a free wordpress theme πŸ˜‰

Do you guys have any advice for me? Thnx πŸ™‚

As always, thanks for the visit and the likes and comments!
Kind regards Pieter

Update: This weekend i’ll take a look at all your suggestions. Pretty busy with work, so dont really have the time to check out the themes. To be continued! πŸ™‚



Dear fellow bloggers and followers,

I use a lot of the same pictures for another website, but that website has a size limit over its files from 1132px.
So i was wondering, whether people appreciate the full versions of the pictuers. Otherwise i might start using the 1132 px width.
I’d love to hear from you!

All the best!


Kitty loves Wine

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Hello Kitty-2
Creative Commons License

I’ve got a question for you dear visitor. Are you capable of working with Photoshop and do you want to help me? I was thinking this could be a new logo for a wine brand. So if you’re good with photoshop, could you try and create a bottle with this picture as a logo? I’m very curious how it’ll work out.. thanks in advance.

In the meantime, just enjoy the pic.. cat in the box.. they all seem to love them boxes πŸ™‚