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Darth Vader

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Spotted in Sydney 🙂
Nah.. just played a bit with photos from the Opera House in Sydney.. but the result does remind me of Vader..

And let’s be a little more true to the movie:


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Under construction


Across the street where I live, they’re building a transit display for public transportation. Don’t know what it will look like, but it’s fun to see the structure rising from the ground. The skeleton is now standing. Used HDR technology for this image

Utrecht Central Station

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Utrecht CS3_klein
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Last sunday i was in Utrecht, the 3rd biggest city in the Netherlands. While on the station i had to wait a bit so i got out my smartphone and took a picture of the building-in-progress of the new city hall. Think i’ll have to go back one day to experiment with this building, cause there’s probably a lot possible with all the nice window reflections 🙂