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A small detail at the office

4 Triangles make a Square

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You’ve got the ‘squaring the circle’ but now there’s also ‘triangulating the square’  🙂

Lights at the Cinema

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Came here by train yesterday. Last year i was at the same place during daytime, but in the evening the lights were on. So took a few shots with my smartphone and this one is actually worth sharing imho

Wish you all a lovely weekend

Time flies

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Realized i have not taken many photos for the blog recently. Shows the impermanence of things. Sometimes very active in blogging and at other times no blogging at all. No need to feel attached to it, though i love to write every now and then..

So thanks for all of you who hang in there and continue to spread their work in the blogosphere. It’s always good fun to look around, even though i don’t do it myself very often.

The Discovery of Heaven

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“Even extraordinary circumstances could seem perfectly natural, simply because they were as they were; and in that case the awareness of their extraordinariness only dawned when others found them extraordinary.”

Quote comes from the famous Dutch book Discovery of Heaven by late writer Harry Mulish

Changing perspective


The same stairs as yesterday’s post, but now looking downwards instead of upwards. What a difference.. simply love the play of perspective

The Eye in the Sky


Came across these stairs. Going up, it didn’t seem special. But when i was about to walk down the stairs, i looked through the center.. what a view! Had my smartphone camera with me and took some pictures. This is the first one, looking up

The Forest


Haven’t been quite busy with photography and the blog lately. I’m planning to do more blogging in the near future.

Yesterday i went to the forest and i got home with this shot (with a little help from the photography software)