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It’s been quite busy lately. Hardly can find the time or energy to go out and take new photos, but hopefully soon i’ll be able to show you some new work. In the mean time i’ve found this one which i’d like to show. A statue/piece of art in front of a building which creates interesting reflections. Really abstract, but imho really cool πŸ™‚


Photographing the Fairy Pools

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Fairy Pools1

Tried a bit more extreme edit of this picture. Btw, thats me with the camera in the picture πŸ˜‰ My father took this picture and i really like it. But to make something special out of it i enhanced it according to what i think suits this picture. Very personal, but still i hope you like it!

Wish you a wonderful weekend !


Urquhart Castle


The castle

Today i felt like looking into Scotland’s photos again. Found one i didn’t post before, of the infamous Loch Ness. We didn’t see Nessie, but we did see Urquhart Castle from a distance as we drove alongside the lake. Took this image with the telelens and enhanced the background a bit to remove the layer of grey over the mountains. Lovely memories, photographers paradise! πŸ™‚