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The Fog


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Yesterday was a very foggy day, perfect circumstances for a day out with the camera. Went to a lake where i know there are some dead trees standing in the water. This is the first of the serie, this week i’ll show some more (minimalist) shots of the lake. Really had great fun in the cold with this weather.


21: All clear

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Soon all will be clear
Bare trees remind of the fact
We’re all born naked

Stretching our being
Branching into ground and air
Longing warmth and food

Sheltering within
The ever presence of mom
As we learn and grow

Independence calls
Us to grow to great new heights
Let mom and dad go

The cycle goes on
Each new family member
Is like a small tree

Finally we reach
For the top of the forest
Seeing miles ahead

Our destiny clear
One day we’re naked again
Waiting for our death



Last week we had a day out with the colleagues at work and we visited famous Dutch castle Muiderslot. Took a few shots to make a panorama/wide angle shot and gave it a bit of a personal touch. This is the result πŸ™‚

14: Nature’s Sonnet


Life of a Tree

As a tree admires her beauty by looking into her own reflection
Water flows gently beneath and carries along her mirror image
Birds singing from the canopy come down to see the spectacle
A moment in time connects the tree to her own past lifetime
Once she stood firmly and proud on the banks of the forest creek
She was a home and shelter to many animals who befriended her
Her roots went all the way down deep below the water level
The crown on her head was majestic full of the greenest leaves
Years went by as she grew and grew with many seasons passing
She saw humans dramatically change the landscape around her
But the forest was left untouched and remained a peaceful sanctuary
With her birth ground safe she started giving in to gravity
Letting go of her connection to both the air and the ground below
Her the faithful task was to become a bridge between life and death

1: You – an ode to Nature


Touched by the immensity of you. Even though i can hear the traffic in the distance, in here there is only you.
You whisper so softly in my ears. Your sweet melodies are composed of the finest tunes.
Blackbirds chatter as a Robin sets the stage for an impressive solo. The symphony is intriguing.
You just leave me speechless time after time. Just being here with you is enough.
In here everything can be. Everything i wanted to say has lost its importance.
Insects dance in the late sunlight, while the water calmly follows the stream.
In your green arms i can finally rest. Ever so gently, the night settles in.


New Project

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hello ladies and gentlemen,

it’s quite incredible to see so many people coming to this blog again and again.Β  Could not have imagined that 4 years ago when i started blogging πŸ™‚
But i also remember that there is this other hobby of mine, which i have not given too much attention lately: writing

As somebody said me a few days ago: just start with it, otherwise it won’t happen. And i know he’s right. So i like to give a bit of an outline of this new project for you guys but also for myself.

Long have i felt that words and images go perfectly together. Whether it’s a poem or a few lines of text, it really can create a connection with what meets the eye. So i want to engage in exactly this. It will be challenging for me, cause i know that i only write when i am truly inspired. But I’m sure that once i’ve started, everything will work out just fine.

I haven’t decided yet whether it will be a weekly or a daily thing, but i’m just going to start anyway πŸ™‚

Please feel free to leave any comment, thoughts, critics, feedback. And please enjoy πŸ™‚

Warm regards,

ps. Day 1 is coming up!

Wallaman Falls

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All the way down to the basin of the Wallaman Falls, the highest single drop waterfall in Australia. The area is filled with beautiful pristine rain forests and has a great natural camping ground. Really enjoyed our time there back in 2010. And this one will certainly be featured in the photobook. I actually made the first selection for the book. So finally it’s underway πŸ˜€

Review of Saal Digital


Through Henk Goossens Photography (Henk Goossens Photography) i got to know Saal Digital. It’s a German company who are now trying to enter the Dutch market for photography prints. They market themselves by giving bloggers the opportunity to test their material for free. As i saw the review by Henk months earlier, i didn’t expect it would still be possible to check it out myself.

But actually i was still able to do a test myself too! Below are my findings. First, lets start with the original photo i choose for the test.


I choose this image because of the many colors and the quiet and serenity it portraits. Ideal for a good test.

The confirmation came in that i was selected for the test. After a few weeks of inaction of my side i even got a message asking me if i needed any help with my order! I didn’t need it, i was just being busy and not knowing which photo to select lol. But as you can see above here, i choose the sunset image. To order a photograph copy one needs to use the software which is pretty good and easy to use. At first i had to search and try a little, but as i got used to the interface the ordering went smoothly. Using a code which gives 50€ discount is always nice of course πŸ˜‰

The package was ordered and a few days later the package was delivered. It was a rather small box, but as i found out the photo was packed in a smart way. It fits exactly in the box and felt strong and the quality of the box was good. The photo came undamaged and the parts for hanging the photograph were also delivered with it in a separate space. Neatly done with no unnecessary space.


The photograph was packaged and sealed with the back side up, protecting the acrylic glass from any scratches.


The photo had an additional plastic layer on it, which saved it from any dust. Leaving it all clean and protected.


I hadn’t seen any acrylic glass photographs before, so i was keen to give it a try. It actually looks very cool, and as one can see the corners really look nice. As if one is looking through water. The photograph is printed on the back and i couldn’t see any problems with that. Good quality and it feels like one piece.


Here below you can see the final result, with the plastic protective layer removed. Really nice colors, soft and no strange color differences between this one and the original. The material itself looks cool, but i guess i’m more of a poster boy lol. But i’ll find a nice place for this photograph as the basic system for hanging this photograph were delivered as well.
My conclusion is that the quality of the print is good, colors look as they should and the material used is fine. It was nice to try this for free. I was already considering making a photo book with Saal Digital before i knew of this free review and seeing the end result proves that this is a good choice for digital printing. Though i did find that the normal price for this acrylic glass is a bit high.

You might want to check whether you can review a product for Saal Digital too. They really try to convince people to try their products. And why not? The quality is good: