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Deepest Blue


Peacock at the Children’s Farm

Ode to the Peacock

They call you stubborn, arrogant and proud
But to me you’re just really beautiful and stout!
Impressing the lady with your many loving eyes
Which lady would not fall for such a surprise?

Identity Crisis


This female peacock grew up with chickens on the children’s farm. She really has to learn that she’s not one of them. Her male companion is more of a lonely wolf, but she stays with the pack of chickens. Sometimes i wonder if she even knows. And then, the question is whether it really matters 🙂
Anyway, it inspired me to write a few haiku’s on the matter

I'm no peacock

Haiku #1

In my ears softly
she said: I’m not a peacock
I’m just pretending

Haiku #2

A bird’s love story;
Being a peacock made her
Chicken out on me

Haiku #3

Like the ugly duck
This peacock has to learn that
She’s not a chicken