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28: Retreat

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Lines throughout the landscapes
Reflect the path of my life
Surrounded by colors
I find refuge here
Together with friends
Becoming still as the land
Unconditional love and trust
Allowing me to be
By retreating into myself
Opening up
To the world and beyond


11: Being one with nature

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Last weekend i did a course called Deep Ecology which is inspired by the work of Joanna Macy and Arne Naess. The following poem is all about my experiences of last weekend

Being one with nature

We come together
To share our concerns

Overwhelmed by our common fear
At first it is painful to admit
Will there be a future?

Speaking out our truth and worries is liberating
I am concerned about what we do to our planet
Why do we chose to remain ignorant
When profit comes before people and planet?

It is difficult to listen to what everybody has got to say
Despair, courageous words, anger and deafening silence
We ask for guidance and wisdom – what is happening right now
Is impossible to ignore at the same time too big to comprehend

Allowing all of this to be with us in the present
Opening to the totality of experience is a gift in disguise
Through pain and suffering comes space for joy and peace

I feel a strong connection with nature and the planet
Spending time contemplating in solitude
Realizing there is no true separation

Letting the heart of nature speak
I feel grateful to just be here

Being one with nature




The Traveler


The Traveler

Never worries about the time
Unaware of the path traveled
Just continuing onward
The journey happens as you slide
Each moment uniquely yours
Ready to be shared with the world
When you get back home safe

So why not bring your house with you?


The lessons in life
Inspire to struggle and learn
Challenging everything familiar
To go and look beyond what I know

Pushing me to let go more and more
Of what once was considered important
Opening up new possibilities
To help others without a regret

As life becomes transparent and simple
The need to cling and grasp subsides
Life points the way
Gratitude is my companion
Compassion is her shield

Being fully open to the present
Is all that life requires

Bergkerk (Mountain Church)



This church called Bergkerk in Dutch (in English it would be Mountain Church) and can be found in the Hanze city of Deventer. The light was beautiful yesterday, so i took a few pictures to capture this 🙂

The old city


Old centre of Zadar WP

The old city centre of Zadar is very beautiful. A former Roman forum now hosts the St Donatus Church. The forum is very big and wide and open, so it gives a good view at the church. During the day the area was crowded, but luckily as dusk approached i could get a nice clean shot of it during the blue hour.


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Today it was pretty cold. There was no real colorful sunset, but at the same time a lot of fog was developing. So i decided to take a few pictures of it and post 2 of them here. Hope you all had a great Christmas with friends and/or family and that you are ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! Happy last week of 2014!


Foggy klein


Foggy ZW klein

On a path

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Two pictures this time from last friday. Was cycling outside in the search for some nice autumn pictures. Came across a couple of nice places, and i like to show you these two pictures. First one is a pretty broad sandy road with a bit of autumn in it, the second one is a more secluded path only accessible for cyclists and walkers.

Aanoch Mor


Aanoch Mor_klein (2)
Creative Commons License
Scrolling through the holiday pictures from last year, i came across this one of the path to the viewing point on Aanoch Mor next to Brittains highest mountain (Ben Nevis). I edited this one a bit and i hope you like it. Have a nice weekend all! Good luck with the final working hours if you still have to work!

Glastonbury Tor

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Glastonbury Tor
Creative Commons License
edit: uploaded a new version too, since the sky in the first one is a bit off (a bit too enthusiastic with editing)

Last september my father and I visited Glastonbury. As you can see on the picture, we had wonderful weather. It was 25 degrees and the sunshine was intense; it gave me a hard time editing this picture. It was a nice 10 minute walk climbing up and the view from the Tor was amazing! You could see for miles on that day, so we were very Lucky!