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A youngster Redtail spend some time in the garden yesterday, while his/her parents were busy getting the food ready. Gave me the opportunity to get some nice closeup shots like this one


World Animal Day




Some shots from the celebration of World Animal Day at the children’s farm from last Sunday. Really lovely to walk around and seeing all the children and parents enjoy all the animals and the activities which were organized.look-a-likes-kleinfabienne  hold-on  petting run-to-the-chickenposing rain  statues stroke-me the-boots


World Full of Clouds


Can’t resist posting another image by my parents and enhanced a bit by me. Last year there were these strangely shaped clouds. I only heard about them on the news, but my parents saw them and used the new camera to catch the phenomena on camera. The upper picture is upside down but i think it looks amazing. I’m no cloud-o-logic but these are pretty rare and wonderful strange clouds no doubt 🙂

Below is the original image, if you don’t want to wreck your neck too much 😉

have a lovely weekend all!
Blessing to you 🙂



Saint Nicolas Basilica


Saint Nicolas Basilica

This image was taken by my father or mother (not sure lol) while they were away with friends in the area around the city of Utrecht.

My part in this image? I only straightened the image and fixed the colors as the church was a bit yellow. Glad to see my parents make lovely images with the new camera too!

De Haar Castle



One of the biggest castles in the Netherlands, De Haar castle is a truly amazing sight. Picture taken by my parents and the post-editing done by me. Would love to do some long exposures at this spot on a calm and cloudy day 🙂

Garden fun

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Today i was at my parents place and couldnt resist taking some pictures using their Canon Powershot 720 IS. Love the macro function; especially since a compact camera can get so close! Thinking about getting one myself, seeing the great result 🙂


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Lila klein

This is a detail picture of a small bush in my parent’s garden. Lovely lila flowers. Had to use flash as it was a bit late, but i’m actually quite pleased with the unsharpness it created in the background.. Gardens can be so inspiring for me as a photographer 🙂

Taking in the View


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Two pictures, one a little bit edited due to the blue haze on the first picture.. not sure which one is ‘better’, perhaps it comes down to personal taste..

This is lake Benmore in New Zealand, this time with my parents in the foreground. We really enjoyed this place: serene and perfect mirrorlike reflections!