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Beautiful demoiselle mating


A close-up of the mating of a male (blue) and female (green) Beautiful Demoiselle. Latin name is Calopteryx virgo


Embrace Me


When i was visiting my brother and his girlfriend, i came across a beautiful canvas of a painting by Gustav Klimt. I have no idea which painting it is, but i found it striking. Very interesting patterns and such a subtle embrace. I just had to take a few detail shots of it..

Ofcourse all copyright belong to Gustav Klimt


Crane bird

Long ago i had the wish to see
The majesty of this bird so free
Famous for its courtship dance
So when I actually had a glance
I couldn’t believe my very eyes
Almost too big was the surprise
As the sight becomes a regularity
I realize that it’s a actually a rarity
Endangered in our low countryside
Yet the cranes don’t choose to hide
Today again the two stand fine
Oh so very close to the railway line
Do other people care to take a look
Standing there, straight from a fairytale book
Probably best if you remain a hidden treasure
Hidden in plain sight, such a funny pleasure

Great Crested Grebes


Creating the Sunlight
Great Crested Grebes
In the golden light
Towards the Sunshine
Two Great Crested Grebes

Creative Commons License
I was lucky yesterday with the sunset. While i was waiting for the sun to slowly set behind the horizon, a couple of Great Crested Grebes came swimming pretty close and right into the sunlight. And shortly after i took these pictures my battery was dead. And now i know that these Grebes live there, i’ll go back soon. Nice way to test my telelens skills again 🙂