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Bicycle Ride


From the good old Sony Xperia


Church on the Hill

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Found this digital painting while i was looking through the archive. It’s an edited image of the ‘Bergkerk’ (Mountain Church) in Deventer. But as we don’t know real mountains in the Netherlands, i’ve dubbed this the Church on the Hill 🙂

Thanks for all the (new) follows. Very cool to see 700 followers! A great source of inspiration 🙂

Wish you all a lovely weekend!

The Village Centre



This time right on time for the coming Monochrome Madness at Leanne Cole’s site. Choose an image i took this weekend from the Jacobus Church in the centre of the town where i live. This part of the town is very pretty with old houses, a lovely park in the front and the church towering the landscape.

Edinburgh Panorama


Edinburgh Skyline klein

Panorama of the railway station and the old part of the city in the background, where you can find the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle

hint: click on the image for a larger version


Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor klein

The famous Glastonbury Hill with the Tower (Tor) on top of it. As i understand from a reader of this blog, this tower is featured in the Mists of Avalon. Have the book ready to read. Perhaps i should give it a try 🙂


Edinburgh Street Life

Edinburgh street

As i was strolling through the photo collection of our 2013 trip to Scotland i found out that my dad has much more an eye for the street(s) than i do. This is one such example. Beautiful colored houses, and a lovely street in general. Great to see his pictures too, since he took a lot of nice photographs very much worth sharing. To be continued?!

The old city


Old centre of Zadar WP

The old city centre of Zadar is very beautiful. A former Roman forum now hosts the St Donatus Church. The forum is very big and wide and open, so it gives a good view at the church. During the day the area was crowded, but luckily as dusk approached i could get a nice clean shot of it during the blue hour.




Today i was testing my parents new camera (Samsung  NX 300M) and it actually is quite a nice camera! Have to learn how to work with manual focus for macro, cause the automatic macro tends to focus on things i am not interested in. But apart from that i’m happy with the way it processes light and shade and also long exposure for waterfalls. So i went to a familiar place and took this photo of a no longer working waterwheel with a small waterfall. Didn’t edit anything but a little autocontrast. It’s fun to explore a new camera!