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Croatian Mountains


Taken at Paklenica National Park back in 2015

Paklenica showing its beauty


A steep road brought us to this place, close to Paklenica National park and close to the coast in Croatia. Really intense ride up, but this view was well worth it 🙂

Stretched Mountains

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Played with this panorama. In reality the mountains are not as steep as on this picture, but by change i saw the mountains being stretched because of incompatibility between my phone and a certain website. So tried to recreate this effect using Lightroom.. pretty funny to do and like the result a lot 🙂

Paklenica National Park

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Near the coast of cities like Split and Zadar lies a beautiful area full of mountains, called Paklenica.
I’ve looked and thought about this very photograph for quite some times. Never really new what to do with it. But today, while playing a bit these tree images came out. Well, actually only the last two came out since the first one is the image i started with.

Really marvelous mountains, such a great place to walk through. But you need to know your way as the area is massive. So we were advised not to do a long walk when we got up to a rangers office up in the mountains. I’ll leave you guys with the photos 🙂



Plitvice schilderij3

This is a photo from Plitvice again, with lot’s of small waterfalls. Very cool to see and tried to make something out of it. The water actually has such a color, though i used two photos to create this shot. I’ll upload one of a still lake tomorrow, so you can see the color and clarity of the water 🙂

Hope you like this painting! Used Photomatix and Photoshop Elements to create this shot

Abel Tasman paradise

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Abel Tasman klein
Creative Commons License

Abel Tasman National Park next to Nelson on the Southern Island of New Zealand is amazing! Pristine beaches with lush forests and cabins from the department of conservation in which you can sleep. All the luxury you need, nature provides everything else. Imagine waking up and seeing this as the first thing in the morning? Not bad huh? 🙂

Färnebofjärden National Park

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Färnebofjärden is a nice park in Sweden which a couple of friends and me visited back in 2011. A lot of water in there, so we explored the park by boat which gave us the opportunity to camp on this small island (one of many there). This is an edited panorama of 3 pictures I took