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Golden Autumn

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Did a re-edit of this image, since i found the original one i posted a few years ago a little bit too saturated. This was taken 3 years ago.. i really should go and visit this specific spot tomorrow as it is always so beautiful with autumn colors.


Moss Pit




Played with double (or actually triple) exposure.. tried to give it a bit of a paintly/sketchy view..

wish you all a lovely weekend!

Natural fence



At the children’s farm they have this little piece of fence made of willow branches. In the adjacent forest there is a larger natural hedge. As i was strolling took a few images.. Used HDR to create a more dreamy look. Wish you all a lovely weekend (or what’s still left of it 😉 )

Subtle flow

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Another photo from a waterfall at Plitvice National Park. A true paradise for those who love long exposures, though it can be hard to find a spot without movement. Hope you like these photos as I probably have some more for you in the near future.

Waterfall in the forest

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Another photo of Plitvice Lakes National Park from Croatia. I found it very cool to see a waterfall in the middle of the forest. Most of the waterfalls are standing out by themselves, but this one was a bit hidden. Still hard to miss, but more integrated into its surroundings. Couldn’t cut down the trees (and if i could, i wouldn’t lol), so i left them in frame.

If you live in Europe, or get the change to go.. Croatia is a great place to visit! Not to expensive and a lot of wonderful nature!

Fire and Flames


Fire and Flames klein
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I’m noticing more and more that i like the abstract. Perhaps it has to do with me still learning the camera and that the pictures sometimes lack 100% sharpness, i don’t know. But actually it doesn’t matter, cause i really like the editing process. Playing around with the colors, saturation etc almost feels like painting 🙂

This picture is a deliberate unsharp picture from orange moss i took yesterday. And i must say that i like the result, so as always i’m curious what you think 🙂


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Yesterday morning went to the forest again and this is one of the pictures i took. Used ND and Circular-Polar filters to create the effect and in post-processing added the orton effect. The surface of the water reminds me of a mirror..