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Sveriges Högsta Skyskrapa


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This is the Turning Torso, Sweden’s tallest building reaching 190m. Impressive architecture and the building really stands out and can be seen from afar


Malmo Marina

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Turning Torso klein

Street photography from the Marina in Malmo, Sweden with the Turning Torso – Sweden’s tallest building) in the background.

Oresund Bridge


Oresund Bridge-3-2
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This picture is probably taken by a former roommate of mine. Still trying to decrypt a facebook message he send, but nevertheless thought it was worth the share..
i’ve done a bit of post-processing to give it a bit of a personal feel, but i’m 99% sure it’s not my photo. We went on holiday to Sweden with 2 other roommates back in 2011 and this is a picture of the sunset close to the bridge between Malmo, Sweden and Kopenhagen, Denmark. We camped overnight at the Malmo side.

So not to confuse ownership, all credits go to Wouter for this one 🙂