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Work in Progress

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Yes! I’m working on the photobook.. in the mind that is lol.. i’m getting all ready to open all them different folders and copying the best images…
And in the mean time i’ve also been thinking about creating a watermark. Does any of you know how to make a watermark out of an image? I would love to use this image as it reminds me of a beautiful holiday in Australia back in 2010.. good thing to have sweet memories attached to all my photographs lol

Natural Lake Photoshop part 2

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Lotus play klein

Lotus play2_50pct7 klein

Playing and playing
Until you reach the state where
Photos come to life

Dark and Light


Lotus2 WP
A brilliant play of dark and light; mudd, a stem in the water and a flower floating on the surface of a still lake
I always feel inspired when i see a lotus / waterlilly blossom.. this is an old photo which i’ve re-edited.

Have a great weekend!

Reflecting Tranquility

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Lotus in the late sunlight_kleiner



Waterlillies.. i really love these beauties. Growing out of the dirt but the flower always spotless. THere is a reason why they’re used in so many different Indian and other Asian myths and stories. To me they represent the path of growth, of growing up and overcoming difficulties. Not giving up, but knowing that the inside core can never be damaged by any outside event. And ofcourse it’s also about showing the beauty which resided in each and everybody’s heart 🙂