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I found you when I lost you

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We met in the dark
Your eyes shone as you approached
Keeping the distance you made your moves
Weeks had passed since I last saw you

I had to let you go
You didn’t want to be with me
The choice you made was hard to swallow
I fought it off initially
Seeing it as a phase which would pass

But you were determined
The nights without you continued
When I brought you back in
Within minutes you vanished again

Back to the open door
WIth the food waiting for you
You no longer wanted to be with me
As painful as any loss can be

So to my surprise this night
The pain had subsided
Making room for somehing bigger
A feeling of love and compassion

As you carefully approached me
Never close enough to touch
But my heart was moved deeply
You were at home now

And yet you didn’t forget about me
As you turned around
And walked back to the door
Your meow resounded in my heart

I may have lost you to the neighbour
For the first I know
I truely found you
Thank you White Spot


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If you lose a friend

I could not bare the pain inside

Losing you was so hard

No chance to say goodbye

On the other side of the world

Too afraid to mourn the loss

Anger kept me from grieving

All these years I was hiding myself

Wondering where you had gone

And now I found out

You were only a dream away

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What is loss other than the loss of essence?

The loss of something always comes with emptiness

Emptiness which is seen outside but felt inside

We try to cover it up with our make-believe

But inside we feel the emptiness

Stop fleeing and face the loss

Only then are we able to break free of our emotions

In emptiness we can recover our essence

The loss can be understood

It can show you hidden truths

If only you let the loss in

Freedom lies ahead