Mostly photography, with the occasional philosophical contemplation

The White House

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Have been quite busy the last few days. But found a bit of time tonight to share this image of last weekend with you.


21: All clear

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​Soon all will be clear
Bare trees remind of the fact
We’re all born naked
Stretching our being
Branching into ground and air
Longing warmth and food
Sheltering within
The ever presence of mom
As we learn and grow
Independence calls
Us to grow to great new heights
Let mom and dad go
The cycle goes on
Each new family member
Is like a small tree
Finally we reach
For the top of the forest
Seeing miles ahead
Our destiny clear
One day we’re naked again
Waiting for our death

The Dutch Pyramid

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The pyramid of Austerlitz was build by one of the generals in the army of Napoleon, but was named after a Czech village. The general who build the pyramid had hopes it would be named after him, but history proved him wrong..



Last week we had a day out with the colleagues at work and we visited famous Dutch castle Muiderslot. Took a few shots to make a panorama/wide angle shot and gave it a bit of a personal touch. This is the result 🙂

Looking Through

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At the entrance to the forest i love to be there is a small patch of trees with young birch trees.. gives a cool perspective to look ‘through them’