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Thank you so much!


                500 followers!! WOW!                             Thank you all!

Wow guys.. yesterday it was pretty amazing to see the counter going up to 500! followers.. Thank you all so much for all the likes, comments and visits you guys have paid since this blog first came online.

I’ve learned a lot with photography, but my first real post actually was a drawing i made from a Kingfisher 🙂

but enough about me! Cause i want to use this post to thank a few bloggers who have inspired me and/or been here almost since the beginning. I’ll introduce them here, so if you’re interested check out their sites!

The first person i’d like to thank is Karen van Benschoten. She’s been a loyal visitor for a long time and she shares her comments with me, which is always very nice! Karen is a very strong and gifted person, who is very open and honest. She has a couple of photosites which you can check out here: Pikturamma and Look and See the Pics. I’m happy to have her as a frequent visitor and commentor!!

And here are some more of my favorite blogs of the last 2 years!

  • Talain’s Photography blog – a great site for all of you birdlovers! A lot of updates and great pictures of birds which i didn’t even know they existed! And apart from that, Talain (Michael) is a friendly blogger with whom i shared a lot of nice comments!
  • Northern Desert Photography – so much quality on this site by Alison. Pictures from Nevada which are absolutely amazing. She’s also very nice and i really love the layout she uses. It really gives a nice feel to it all!
  • The Ancient Eavesdropper – Tyler Pedersen’s personal poetry and photography blog. Tyler has been an inspiration for me to continue posting poetry and be creative with words, language and images. Apart from that he’s also an ecologist, which i could’ve become too (have somewhat the same educational background). All together, if you like poetry musing on nature, please go ahead and take a look!
  • Leanne Cole Photography – Leanne is a great photographer from Melbourne Australia. Her blog not only contains superb photography, but you can also find a lot of useful tips and ideas if you want to improve your photography skills. And if you live close by, you might want to do a 1 on 1 photography session with her! If i’ll ever get close to Melbourne, i’m sure to look her up and learn from her too!
  • Li Jiun’s blog – Li Jiun’s blog has been a source of inspiration throughout the years. Very down to earth and yet very spiritual. Great if you want advice when you’re feeling sad or down, and always inspiring me to contemplate my existence and see what i can do to improve the life of myself and others. Really motivating to know these kind of blogs are around, so thank you Li Jiun!
  • Dhamma Footsteps – Another source of (spiritual) inspiration for me is this blog by Tiramit. He dived deep into Asian culture and encountered Buddhism there. As i am myself very much interested in Buddhism it is nice to read his stories about everyday life, and at the same time showing the deeper layers beyond the ordinary. I expecially like the stories with his young neice. Always leaves me with a smile 🙂
  • The Obvious and Hidden – If you’re into black and white photography, you might already know this one. Iosatel is the photographer behind this blog and he’s got such a keen eye for B&W! Multiple postings a day, so there is always something for you to enjoy! This blog actually inspired me to try B&W on some of my photographs. Really great site!
  • Drei Mal Kunst – which is German for 3 times Art. This is such a great blog with quality! I adore the macro images of flowers which Mitza makes. Truly amazing and it always motivates me to get the telelens out myself and get some macro shots. This blog is all about quality, not quantity. Irregular postings but always with amazing results! And Mitza shared a lot of nice comments too!
  • Our Rumbling Ocean – A blog i’ve found about fairly recent is this blog about the beauty of South Africa and of little – but growing – Boeta, the almost 2 year old son of this blogger. A variety of themes can be explored on this blog. My personal favorites are the incredible wildlife shots, the ocean and seeing little Boeta trying all kinds of new stuff. Really inspiring blog with great quality!
  • Golnaran Art – This is a great blog with a lot of amazing paitings. Gol Naran must have incredible creativity and imagination seeing all her wonderful paintings. Out of this world imagery which can bring you closer to your heart!
  • Laura Macky Photography – I discovered this site through Leanne Cole and i’m glad about it! Really lovely photo’s and a lovely lady. She’s not afraid to try something different and in the mean time shows she’s got great skills!
  • Florian Deutsch Photography – Florian Deutsch does what i like to do too – show the image, the rest is up to the viewer. This Austrian fellow has got a lot of  great shots on his blog and has a keen eye for landscape photography! He also seems to be loving sunsets, just as i do..

So that’s the list for now. I could mention a lot more blogs, but i think it’s enough for now. Thanks again for all the comments and likes and visits! It inspires me to continue blogging and improve my photographing skills! And i hope you don’t mind the occassional haiku in the mean time lol

Wish you all the best!


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First Kingfisher on photo!


Found out 300mm zoomlens is not quite enough from this distance 🙂
Happy though, that i have been able to finally capture this magnificient creature on photograph!

Some of my ‘old’ favorites


Creative Commons License
As it’s almost a year since i’ve started this blog, i thought it would be a good idea to post some of my own favorites from the early days. I’ve created a random gallery, let me know what is your personal favorite. Also if you think i should’ve added another photograph..

Also i’ll be off to France to work as a volunteer for a week starting this sunday, so i’ll probably won’t blog during next week. But i’ll take my camera with me, so hopefully i can show you guys some nice pictures of France!!

In retrospect, i’m glad i started this blog. I’ve learned so much about photography. I started the blog not knowing what to do with it and here i am one year later with so much new blogs to follow, people who have inspired me and continue to do so. So i cannot emphasize enough that you have helped me climbing out of a deep hole, by being here as this blog progresses.. I wish you all the best!

Flowing through the City


City Creek klein
Creative Commons License

A couple of years ago parts of the original watercourse of this local creek were restored. And i must say they’ve done an amazing job. Not only does it give our small city centre a natural feel, it also helps the local Kingfishers. I’ve been fortunate to have seen one Kingfisher right here on this spot i’ve photographed. It was sitting right next to the back corner of the building on the right side of the picture.. So one day i’ll hope to photograph our blue feathered friend at this spot 🙂

Used a ND-filter for this picture, EXIF-info: F 5.6 3.2 sec ISO 100 focal length 22mm

Alice Springs Desert Park

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When i was in Australia i also visited the Alice Springs Desert Park, a nice park situated close to Alice Springs. Here i had the opportunity to come close to some very nice birds and native animal widlife. I spend the day wandering around and in one of the glassed enclosements there was this little bird, called a Chiming Wedgebill. The sound really took me away. I think i spend at least 25-30 min in there just taking in the sound. It was sooo loud! It went right through me lol

Some other nice things i saw there include one of my favorite birds, the Kingfisher, Thorned Devil (reptile) and a beautiful green Mantis. Later on in a museum back in the town i found out about this incredible animal called the Bilby. This one was stuffed.. Below are some pictures

All together, a nice place even though i’d rather see the animals in the wild.. but who doesn’t?

Green Mantis (1)
What are you looking at
Thorned Devil
Kingfisher (2)

(stuffed) Bilby